A picture may speak a thousand words,

but with videos you can sing them!

A simple video of your salon and services is one way to further promote yourself on your website and YouTube.

Don’t do videos that go on too long as people lose interest. Keep it 30 to 40 seconds
max with good quality images, a funky tune and a clear ‘call to action’ like “Call Now”.

Our videos are short and sweet, but effective

Our Salon Video Service…

Using images supplied by you and music supplied by us, we will prepared a 30 to 40 second video and upload it to YouTube. You will get an opportunity to make 1 revision to the video before it is finalised.

If bought in conjunction with our website and local search optimisation services, we will upload the video to various listing sites and your website too.

Whether you need one hair salon marketing
service or all of them, we can help

Questions? Call us! 01273 256336