Print Marketing That Matches Your Online Image

Whether you need printed appointment cards, flyers, price lists or voucher, etc. your salon print marketing should be engaging and branded in the same way as your website and social media marketing.

Prices, opening hours, logo, etc. should be up to date in all areas that they are published.

If you use different suppliers for print, website, email marketing etc. you will be paying for the repeated effort it takes to design your ‘media’ and then to update everything accordingly. You also can’t guarantee brand continuity.

A supplier that can manage everything for you will save you time and money as you won’t be paying for extra design work and everything will be consistent and up to date.


Our Salon Print Marketing Service

Using your salon logo, photos, price list etc. and a range of print templates specifically designed for salons, we will prepare your salon print marketing AND update your website etc. where necessary.

How we do it:

  • We prepare a “Brand Style Sheet” for your Salon so that we have a permanent record of what your branding, logo, business description, pricing etc. should be like.

  • We’ll prepare the print designs you need, then once they are approved by you, we’ll get them printed and delivered.  

  • We will then update your website, social media and email marketing*.

  • We don’t do the printing ourselves, but we do use a quality printer.

* Only if we are managing your website, social media and email marketing for you.

Whether you need one hair salon marketing
service or all of them, we can help

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