Choosing a hair salon name

One of the most important things to decide when launching a new business is choosing the right hair salon name. Unfortunately this isn’t quite as straight forward as it sounds.

Having a great name could make all the difference to the success of your business and there is lots of competition out there.

As there are so many hair salon businesses around you may find that many common or similar names have already been used in your area.

Don’t despair! Here’s our quick tips guide to help you when choosing a name for your salon.

Who is your audience?
The first and most important thing you need to consider is what audience / customer base are you targeting? Is your target audience young and trendy with cutting edge hair styles or does it cater for a more mature regular customer? Are you a unisex salon or do you specialise in one area such as male grooming. Are your customers looking for a high-end luxury service? Always think of your audience when choosing a name.

How will it work for marketing?
Some names might sound good but simply don’t work well in marketing. It’s important to consider aspects such as the length (how many characters) and shape of the letters when written down. Will the words work well when used as a hair salon website or when printed? Is the name easy to design a logo with? Using the right ‘keyword’ such as your area can be helpful in online marketing.

Using your name
A common option when choosing hair salon names is to use you own. If you’re lucky enough to have an attractive or unusual name this can give your salon a real personal touch and make it more memorable.

Using your area
Using the locality or area that you serve can be a great way to personalise your salon and can help market your business. This strategy will only work if you have one salon in that area and also remember some place names do not sound very attractive or work well in a hair/beauty context.

Using a name that is memorable or funny
This can be a dangerous option especially if you are trying to come up with something funny or catchy. The hair industry is awash with ‘funny’ names and has become associated with puns such as ‘A Cut Above’, ‘British Hairways’ or ‘Million Hairs’.

It is worth considering something different from the norm and non hair related as these names can become memorable and sound contemporary. Perhaps using your postcode if it looks good for example ‘OX1’ or  ‘NW1’.  

Whatever hair salon name you decide on, remember to keep it simple.

Inspiration - names we like

Harlow’s Den
Secret Hair Artistry
Frost & Buxton
Oasis for hair
Gingko Hairdressing
Franco’s Barbers
Mahogany Hair

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