Keeping customers informed about events,

products and promotions in your salon

Email helps to keep customers Loyal

Email is a great way of keeping your customers informed, and can be a proactive way to remind them to book an appointment, try a new service or just say happy birthday. It keeps customers loyal!

However, you need to their email addresses, you need their permission and you need the emails to be personalised whilst looking professional and engaging. Customers also need to be able to ‘opt out’ of receiving emails.

Managing email lists, writing the words and designing the layout can be time consuming.  

An automated email marketing system and strategy can help you to grow your salon business.

Our E-Mail Marketing Service...

  • We’ll help you get customer email addresses and permission.
  • Design a beautiful email templates with your salon branding.
  • Write the emails and prepare content
  • Personalise emails to your customers
  • Send personalised vouchers (with your customer’s name printed on it) for example.

Keep Your Customers Informed

Whether you need one hair salon marketing
service or all of them, we can help

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